New Year, New Blog!

New Year, New Blog!

Old River Design Co. is officially ONE YEAR OLD! As I reflect on what this first year has brought me, I realized that I want a place to share more in-depth thoughts than an Instagram Reel or an e-mail newsletter can provide. So, the Old River Design Co. blog was born.


Why a blog - isn't that soooooo 2012?

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in the last year is to do what works best for who I am. The fact is, I am a writer, and I have a lot to say. The short-format world of Instagram and Twitter has not played to my strengths because I have to spend so much time editing things down until they no longer feel worth posting. It's one of the reasons why I enjoy writing my newsletters - there's more room.

Don't worry - my newsletter is still going to be around! I simply realized that some of the things I included in my newsletters are things that I'd like to be able to share at a later date with new people I meet, and so by utilizing my strength of writing, this blog is a platform to be able to share my musings on a longer-term basis.

What can you expect?

The overarching goal of this blog is to be a behind-the-scenes look at the world of Old River Design Co. and the person who runs it (that's me, Katie). This includes:

  • Life as a craft fair vendor
  • The process of making and sewing handmade home goods
  • Beginning sewing ideas and tips
  • My design inspirations
  • How my cultural roots influence the products I make
  • ....and more!

As far as frequency goes, I'll be blogging a couple of times a month. Nothing crazy! I hope that you find my perspective to be interesting and colorful.

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