3 Reasons to Shop at a Holiday Craft Fair

3 Reasons to Shop at a Holiday Craft Fair

Shop Small.
Shop Local.
Shop Handmade.

You’ve heard them before, but these slogans don’t explain why doing these acts benefit YOU. As we approach the holiday shopping season, here are 3 reasons to shop at a Holiday Craft Fair, which is bound to showcase small, local, and handmade items.

1. Convenience

I went out to get a few supplies and things this last week, and all of the big chain stores are set up for the holidays. Most have extended their hours of operation for your convenience. But I also noticed a few things that tend to make the experience absolutely miserable for customers:
  • they were short-staffed
  • it was hard to find what I was looking for
  • and they all had loooooong check-out lines
A holiday craft fair is the opposite experience. You can shop multiple mini-shops at one destination, instead of driving all over town to get to a bunch of different stores.

It’s true that they are not open till all hours of the night - but with a little bit of planning, you could knock out several days worth of shopping trips in one place. That seems worth it to me!

Plus, you’re not going to be waiting in line behind 15 people to purchase what you want, and I bet the sales people are a lot more friendly.

2. Unique Offerings

Not sure what to get for someone on your list? Each vendor, which is often the actual person making and designing your items, can make you personalized recommendations. They are listening to what people are looking for, and know what items other people like. You can save a ton of time just by asking the vendor in a booth that has items you like for a recommendation.

That person who seemingly “has everything”? You can find something new for them at a craft fair. Many vendors (including myself) can also customize products that you see with names or specific colors and then mail the custom item to your doorstep.

holiday craft fair soap

3. Support Your Community

You have likely already heard that shopping small businesses keeps money in your local economy and makes a huge difference in a small business owner’s ability to continue operating. (Did you know: Old River Design Co. is my sole source of income, and it has created 3 jobs in San Francisco this year?) I promise - even the smallest purchase is appreciated. The same is true if you purchase from a small business online!

A holiday craft fair, however, is unique in that you get to go out and be a part of a community experience. Maybe you’ll bump into some friends, say hi to your neighbors, or make a new friend. Grabbing a bite to eat before/after the event at a spot nearby is always fun. And there’s oodles of holiday cheer and inspiration at a holiday craft fair.

community craft fair

These are all experiences that make our communities places where we all feel connected to something outside of ourselves and make living where we do feel special. It's critically important for the character of your community. These experiences don’t happen out of nowhere - they need people to volunteer, shop, and contribute, or they can’t continue to happen.

With all of that in mind, I really hope that you can make a local craft fair like the SJ Made Holiday Craft Fair a priority for your holiday shopping plans this season!

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